Fruit packaging with a cherry on top...

SO, there's been much discussion in the office in the last week about cherries. Or perhaps more specifically packaging for cherries and where in the world cherries come from. And I now many people will just think well they come from the supermarket and not think a great deal more about it, but like many fruits, they travel some vast distances, and sometimes originate in some weird and wonderful places.

Now if there was a cherry producing top 10, I think most people would have guessed the USA. Some might have got Russia just because of its sheer size. But who would have got Romania, which in 2010 produced 70,290 metric tonnes of cherries. And looking at the 2010 statistics, based on recent world events, I suspect the Ukraine (number 8) and Syria (number 10) might have slipped out of the world cherry top 10. 

What's apparent from the statistics is that there are few big hitters in the world cherry league; namely Turkey, the USA and Iran. And it is worth pointing out that Turkey produced 417,905 metric tonnes..... in second place the US had in comparison a paltry 284,130 metric tonnes and Iran 255,500 metric tonnes. Those three countries amount for as much production as about the next 15 countries did collectively. 

Recent lifting of restrictions with regards trade in Iran could see the country try to ship more and more of its fruit overseas - and I suspect it won't just be cherries. And here's where the statistics get interesting if you look not at the volume of cherries produced, but at the volume of cherries exported. For exports, the USA and Turkey top the table, but Chile hits third place, followed by Austria and Spain.

Sadly, once again, I suspect Syria in sixth place has fallen away since the 2011 statistics. But there's also rising stars of the cherry world, including Kyrgyzstan and Moldova.

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