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Solving the packaging problems with strawberries...

absorbent pads for strawberries

Think of massive worldwide industries, with vast quantities of a particular product being shipped all over the world, and you might net necessarily be picturing the humble strawberry. But you should.... the US is the world's biggest strawberry producer, with around 29% of the world's total. In the US alone, $2.2 billion was the value put on fresh strawberries in 2012, with a further $200 million put on processed strawberries. And that is a lot of strawberries....

The next highest percentages are Spain (11%), Turkey (7%), Egypt (5%) and Mexico (5%). The mathematicians among you will have already realised that leaves the best part of 50% still unaccounted for... with countries such as the UK and Poland among those making up the numbers.

It's also worth noting that strawberries often travel many thousands of miles to reach the supermarket shelf. Like many berries, different parts of the world have different growing seasons, which means that you and I can nip down to the supermarket and buy a punnet of fresh strawberries whatever the time of year.

So it goes without saying that shelf-life is a vital part of the international strawberry trade. The strawberry that is picked in the fields of northern Mexico needs to be still as fresh as the moment it was picked - at least in the eye of the consumer - when it is bought in a supermarket in the UK, or wherever it has ended up. The right packaging solutions help this happen.

Sirane's absorbent cushioned pads for soft-fruit, for example, are one such packaging solution that is perfect for strawberries, giving the fruit every possible chance of arriving in the best possible condition. It is cushioned - so protects the fruit, for the strawberry it is almost like it is floating. Any excess liquid is absorbed, so the fruit is not sitting in its own juices. They are cost-effective, and they significantly reduce the amount of fruit which is thrown away. We can even supply them with anti-fungal properties integrated.

So if you're involved in the strawberry trade, why not take a look at some of our innovative packaging solutions. 


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