The Holy Grail that is shelf-life extension

Packaging films for fruit and vegetables shelf-life extension

Shelf-life extension.... it's a bit like the Holy Grail. Everyone wants it, few can find it. But at Sirane, shelf-life extension is one of our areas of expertise, and we're constantly working on fruit and fresh produce packaging solutions that do make a difference to the shelf-life of the produce in question.

We have a range of breathable films that can add many days, and in some cases weeks, to the shelf-life of many fruits and vegetables. The films are 100% compostable and a natural biopolymer which slows down the respiration rate of the packaged fruit or veg - effectively putting it to sleep, and increasing the shelf-life. 

We try to avoid making outlandish claims.... results with these products vary, depending on the conditions within individual supply chains. We don't want to say you'll get 'X' amount of extra days, because depending on your supply chain you might get less. But you might get more..... 

We're always keen to allow you to trial our fruit packaging solutions within your own supply chain, as that's how you'll discover whether it works for you. 

Of course, there are other factors which can effect shelf-life. That's why we have a range of absorbent fruit pads, including cushioned pads for soft-fruit. Using the right fruit pad can also make a huge difference to the shelf-life, and even an extra day can make a big difference to the bottom line.

No-one wants to throw fruit or vegetables away, especially so much effort has been put into growing it, transporting it and marketing it. We trying to make sure you don't have to....


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