Absorbency in Fruit/Veg Packaging

ABSORBENCY is one of Sirane's key specialisms - and it can have a big impact on the shelf-life and condition of fruit and vegetables . We manufacture a range of absorbent pads for fruit and vegetables, with a range of sizes available, a wide range of colours, and absorbency customised to your exact requirements.

We can offer standard absorbency, cushioned pads for soft-fruit, ethylene absorbency, and even odour absorbency. No matter what the problem is you're looking to address in your packaging, Sirane has the answers. 

At Sirane we understand that no two companies' requirements are the same.... that is why we can customise the level of absorbency to suit exactly what you are using the pad for, to suit the product, the packaging, the storage conditions and the amount of absorbency actually needed.

We can offer numerous solutions combined into one product - so if you are looking for absorbency, ethylene absorbency and anti-fungal treatment, you could achieve it all with one absorbent fruit pad.

In fact our most recent development is a pad that combines absorbency with anti-bacterial/anti-microbial properties. A very clever absorbent pad, our ABV solution is impregnated with a combination of bio-flavonoids and natural fruit acids which when activated enhances the fruit's own natural defences, helping to extend the shelf-life.

Sirane's ABV technology can be combined with any of our existing absorbent fruit pad solutions, giving you the ultimate protection for your fruit. Whatever you're trying to achieve, contact the firm who can help you achieve it...

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