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Simple ways to add value to sales of fresh vegetables

Asparagus in a cooking bag

There are some simple ways to add value to fresh vegetables.... and one of them is by using steam-cooking bags for the oven/microwave.

Take asparagus, for example, beautiful when cooked properly, less so when over-cooked... and a steam-cooking bag could be the answer. Asparagus takes around three minutes in a microwave in one of our steam-cooking bags... so sell the asparagus in the bag, and your customers cannot get it wrong.

But then you can up the ante by adding some extra value in the shape of a flavoured butter, for example. The picture above shows asparagus with a chilli butter. Stunning. And you'll be able to increase the price of the asparagus packaged in this way by more than the cost of the butter... so why not get creative?



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