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Fruit Logistica 2015 – see our fruit packaging innovations

FRUIT Logistica 2015 in Berlin is an opportunity for the fruit industry to come and meet Sirane and discover how our fruit packaging innovations could help your company.

Fruit Logistica – Europe’s biggest and most popular fresh produce show – is at Messe Berlin in the German capital from February 4-6 – and Sirane will be well represented.

Gillian Carter, who heads up our fresh produce sales, said: “Fruit Logistica will see the world of fresh produce descend on Berlin, and the message from Sirane is make sure you come and visit our stand and see what products we have that could improve your packaging.

“From absorbent cushioned pads for soft fruit through to shelf-life extending bags and films, we have a range of solutions that could make a big difference in your supply chain.

“So come and talk to us, tell us the problems you’re experiencing, and we’ll tell you what we can do to help – it might well be a packaging solution we’ve already found, and if not we’re a development company, so would be happy to work with you to solve the issue.”

A great example of our problem-solving and development work is Sirane’s new Dri-Fresh Soft-Hold pad which combines the cushioning and protective properties of bubble films with effective absorbency, high permeability and excellent product presentation.

“Soft fruit is often transported huge distances,” said Gillian Carter, “and so protecting the fruit is vital. The more fruit that arrives at its destination in perfect condition, the better it is for everyone involved in the supply chain, as far less fruit gets wasted.

“Sirane can offer the ultimate protection, cushioned protection alongside absorbency – we can even integrate ethylene absorbency and anti-fungal options if required.

“Soft-Hold has been developed with distributors and retailers in mind, with an eye on the needs of the companies involved. Our customers have been telling us they want pads that offer more protection for the packaged fruit that extend shelf-life.

“Soft-Hold ticks all the boxes, and the feedback so far has been incredibly positive. It combines everything into one great product, with the cushioned layer offering a final level of protection that no other product on the market has managed.”

Other products in the Sirane fresh produce packaging range include standard Dri-Fresh Fresh-Hold pads, offering absorbency, ethylene absorbency and anti-fungal options if required, and labels which can be hidden in a pack and absorb unwanted ethylene.

We also have our Sira-Flex Resolve range. Sira-Flex Resolve is a range of films, bags and pallet liners for extending the shelf-life of fruit and vegetables. It is 100% sustainable, 100% compostable, and can significantly extend the shelf-life of many products.

Simon Balderson, Sirane MD, said: “Sira-Flex Resolve is a breathable film, made from a natural biopolymer. If you are looking for ways to increase the shelf-life of your produce, either in the supply chain or for the consumer, then this is a film that you should be taking a look at.”

Sirane’s stand is in Hall 8.2, Stand A-07. Gillian will be joined by Adam Green, president of Sirane North America, and Veronique Richard, Sirane’s French business manager.

For more information, visit www.sirane.com or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please contact Gillian directly if you wish to make an appointment to meet at Fruit Logistica.

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